Friday, May 3, 2013

No-Doz or generic caffeine tablets?

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I'm looking to get some caffeine tablets, and I have a choice between CVS brand caffeine tablets (80 count) for $7.19, and No-Doz (60 count) for $7.99. The active ingredient is the same in both, 200 mg of caffeine. It seems to be the exact same product, but has anyone tried both and noticed a difference or should I just go with CVS brand?

I've tried many different types of caffeine tablets, and they all have pretty much the same effect, being they are all meant to be about as strong as a cup of coffee.

You could easily buy the generic, and get more pills for the bills...though, in my personal opinion...If you compare generic brand to the big names...almost always for some reason....It just feels like the real thing works better...
And this holds true with more or less everything, not just medications, but food/drinks and other varied products.
However, the knockoff copies really are the exact same thing, so, it shouldn't actually make any difference.

I do suggest No-Doz, that seems to work best, and my next would be "Vivarin"

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